Sex Doll Head Real Silicone Sex Dolls Head For 100cm 105cm 115cm 125cm 130cm 138cm 145cm 148cm 158cm 160cm 165cm 168cm C-H-002

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Product Model Explanation

Just Doll’s head,without body.

Those doll’s head is can with the body of 100cm,115cm, 125cm,140cm,148cm,158cm,165cm.

NO.1,NO.2,NO.3,NO.4:For 100cm 105cm 115cm 125cm Sex Doll

NO.5-NO.36:For 135cm and over Sex Doll

when your order succeed, we will customize for you,will spend a lot of money and time,so you can’t cancel the order.

we will send the wig same as the picture.

please note the information with your oder

If you haven’t give us information with your order,we will send the Blue eyes to you.

Shipments Sreengths

As a general rule,Recipient of some countries need not to pay Duties & taxes to Customs in the destination country.

And they need not Customs Clearance by self,(but also need to provide some information).

Below those Countries:

United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russian,Spain,Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, HunGary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Doll’s Head Pictures

If you want to see more pictures,please contact us.

​The product don’t contain clothing and any accessories in pictures!

Factory Pictures

What’s the Sex Doll?

We are sex doll brand company from China, According to the aesthetic of Europeans, Our best designers & sculptors development new style sex doll, also made in the most advanced factory from China. We committed to Provide Perfect products and services to European consumers. Sex doll is the highest of all sex products. Our dolls made with shape memory TPE, tactility is same with human skin and muscles. All our dolls have a humanoid steel skeleton and some spherical joint inside the body,So she can make to different action. Wikipedia is recorded : The most expensive sex dolls (approximately $1,200 and up) are usually made from silicone (usually above $3,000 at 2016 prices) or thermoplastic elastomer known as TPE (below $3,000). Dolls made of either material can be very lifelike, These dolls usually have an articulated PVC or metal skeleton with flexible joints that allows them to be positioned in a variety of positions for display and for sexual acts. Because of their Beautiful face and stunning figure, Also has the collection, photography, souvenirs, clothing models, crafts, media, and other functions.

you can browse other goods in my store.

Green Material

Main material of doll is TPE.TPE is Thermoplastic elastomer,It will be recyclable and be green.

Wikipedia is recorded :The benefit of using TPE is the ability to stretch to moderate elongations and return to its near original shape creating a longer life and better physical range than other materials.


TPE will be recyclable and be green.

Instructions & Related Matters

1. Intelligent voice doll

Intelligent voice doll is divided into pressure and normal voice.

The vocalism principle of pressure style is based on the power of air pressure, only sound when press on it.

Normal voice style is based on the pressure sensor, maybe sound automatically if the main forget turn off switch. Please turn off in time after use. There are 5 section of sound in normal voice style will play one by one, cannot choose or change.

2. Heated Sex Doll

Heated by 220V AC heating rod, heating principle is wire heating. Main switch position was equipped with temperature control knob and device.

We just produce sex doll, all heated accessories are provided by supplier. If feels temperature is enough, please turn off and cut out the electricity immediately to avoid any problems.

When warming a sex doll, please ensure there was a normal adult staying and checking.

3. Heating Function Description

Dolls inner part will be heated after 30 minutes after connected with 220V electric supply, heating effect will reach to skin in one hour.

(Ambient temperature will effect time of heating.)

Heating function based on carbon fiber far infrared heating wire heating from inner to skin, with intelligent temperature control system inside. Heat function will turn off automatically when inner temperature warming about 45℃.

(Note: considering the safety of user and life time of the doll, temperature will keep under 50℃ )

4. Heating Function Description Attention

Be sure to turn off before use! Be sure to check while whole heating process. Any consequences due to ignored and not in accordance with the instructions, will do nothing with the factory.

5. Clearing and Care

Clearing method of normal doll(not suit for smart doll): appropriate water temperature is about 40℃, can use water, shower foam, soap, power or liquid detergent. Please use cleansing oil or ask white oil from manufacturer to clean stubborn stains.

6. Cleaning Notices

Keep neck connect part dry from water to avoid rusting,

Please use disposable the vagina washer to cleaning the vagina.

Don’t wash the vagina by faucet directly, there are waterproof ball fixed by glue in the depth of the vaginal, after excessive flushing the ball maybe drop out. If this happen, please drying the vagina and glue it.

7. Clearing method of smart doll

Keep sound device part in dry to avoid water enter into circuit board.

8. Care of Dolls

Keep dolls showered in every 10 to 20 days, then smear talcum powder round the doll body.

9. Dyeing

Since doll material will easy be dyeing, keep doll away from any fading clothes to avoid serious dyeing.

10. Wig

Please choose white inner part while buying wig for dolls.

11. Allergy

Allergy sufferers should test doll material, talcum powder and cosmetics before use. TPE allergy sufferers are not allowed to buy and use.

12. Repair method

If any cracking happens, please clear the wound and drying it first, then use toothpick to pick up with few glue put on the wound. Use glue as less as better, because glue is corrosive for TPE material. When serious corrosion, please contact the factory for repair or contact before repair.

13. Notice

Avoid long time bent of limbs, sitting or other pose different from factory shipping pose. Normal foot style doll not allowed stand.

Don’t let two legs stretch to 180 degrees. Do not raise two arms straightly. Leg skeleton will puncture out if makes normal foot style to stand. Please put and pose doll to proper pose after use.

Stains on face should be cleared by cotton swab, slowly and carefully. Avoid use knives or other sharp things breaking doll skin. Keep doll away from fire, TPE material is inflammable.

Don’t use strong pungent liquid such as 84 disinfectant and alcohol to clean doll.

Eyes can be adjusted by hand, push in can let eyes looks smaller, pull out can let eyes looks bigger.

Shipments Explanation

You order the head,at the same time order the doll,we sill send the doll and the head with one package to you.

1.Provide these Information

We will carriage the package by Best express company of every countries.

All shipments must be cleared through Customs in the destination country prior to delivery to the recipient(buyer).

Recipient should provide below information to us,including,but not limited to, fiscal code,Copy of ID Card,tax code,Payment Proof.

We will provide these information to Customs in the destination country for Customs Clearance .

2.European countries

We will carriage the package by UPS Express Saver below following European countries,Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria,Croatia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,HunGary,Ireland,Italy,Latvia,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Netherlands,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,United Kingdom.

The Recipient above countries need not to pay Duties & taxes to Customs in the destination country.

And The Recipient above countries need not Customs Clearance by self,but also need to provide above information.

Italy recipient must provide Fish code & Copy of ID Card ;

Norway recipient,United Kingdom recipient & Switzerland recipient must provide Payment Proof.

France recipient & Germany recipient must provide tax code.

Tracing of international packages is available upon request first time, Buyer can track second information afer items arrived at destination country, Maybe need wait 6-8 Business Days.

Then the package will be deliver By UPS.


We will carriage the package to Russian Federation,Belarus & Kazakhstan by special-line transportation .

The Recipient of Russian Federation need not Customs learance .but need to provide above information.

And The Recipient of Russian Federation need not to pay Duties & taxes to Customs in the destination country.

If the doll over 140cm,item will arrived at local designated locations,then it need pick up by the recipient.We are sorry for can’t door-to-door.

4.U. S. and oter countries

We will carriage the package to the United States and oter countries by Fedex or TNT.

Please note the Recipient these countries must need to Customs Clearance ,and need to provide above information.

And The Recipient above countries must need to pay Duties , taxes & other fees to Customs in the destination country.

We can not pay Duties,taxes & other fees to Customs in the destination country.

5.Ban the import countries

Faso,Cameroon,Chad,Comoros,Cyprus,Djibouti,Egypt,Gabon,Gambia,Guinea,Guinea-Bissau,Indonesia,Iran, Islamic Republic Of,Iraq Republic,Jordan,Kuwait,Lebanon,Libya,Malaysia,Maldives,Mali,Mauritania,Morocco,Niger,Nigeria,Oman,Pakistan,Palestine Authority,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Senegal,Sierra Leone,Somalia,Sudan,Syria,Tunisia,Turkey,U.A.E.,Uganda,Yemen,Belarus,Belarus,Brazil,Burundi,Eritrea,India,Ivory Coast,Peru,Thailand,Ukraine,Ukraine.

We can’t sent this item to above countries,We are very sorry!

Please don’t order her if your country ban the import this goods,we don’t responsible for any problems due to ban the import this goods.

6.Declared Value

We must wirte a ture Declared Value for carriage.

We should not made a false declaration,and shall not be liable for any false declaration made by Recipient.

We can not pay Duties,taxes & other fees to Customs in the destination country.


All packages shouled be packed by sturdy corrugated box for safe transportation,esrigid condition large enough to allow cushioning of contents on the top, bottom and sides should be used. for safe transportation, assuming ordinary are in handling.


Shipping may use dimensional-weight pricing.

Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying length by width by height of each package (all in centimeters) and dividing by 5,000 (standard density in cubic centimeters per kg).

The dimensional weight of all all doll package exceeds the actual weight, charges based on the dimensional weight will be assessed.

9.Customs cleared

Certain shipments to certain countries must be cleared through Customs by the recipient.

If Recipient can not cleared through Customs,Recipient should must contact Freight forwarding agent or Customs broker in the destination country.

After-Sale Service

Since sex doll is specail, please examine it carefully before sign and recevie it. No refund after receipt.

No returns for all used dolls with any reasons, sign off is treated as used.

Any quality questions happened after receipt, please contact factory for free services and repairs. One year warranty, any broken happens within one year can contact for free repairs, customers should pay two freight back and forth.

Specail reasons, please contact us timely. Please use doll gently, factory not responsible for any not improper or over use problems. Body shape not meet customer’ demand is not quality proble, please check all details and features with seller. Bought without consulting will be treat as consulted.

There will be light smell of TPE products, will ventilation after fade over time. If mind this, please try with a piece of materail first. Smell is not quality problem.

Smart doll means intelligent voice doll, not robot. Only can make sound and warming the doll. The built-in voice are free to download, voice quality does not belong to quality problems. Please consulting all details of heated sex doll theory, electricity lines and heating switch quality problem is not products quality problem.

Doll made by two piece of mould, there will be a invisible line on the connect part, do not belong to quality problems.


All heads and body of dolls are created by our engraver by free imagination and aesthetics, never infringement of any real person. Any similarity is purely coincidental.

Do not trash it in public places even you donot need or use doll any more, please make unified harmless disposal.

Due to the particularity of the adult supplies, children under the age of 18 are not allowed to use. Should safekeeping after order and keep out of the reach of children. We don’t responsible for any problems due to careless keeping. Do not showing naked doll in any public place.

Product images are professional photographer 100% in kind shooting, Have professional designers according to the product ,Correct product color, Because of the shooting light, angle and display contrast, There will be some color difference, Please mainly in kind!

Detailed specifications


TPE, white oil, steel steleton, screw, industrial fragrance, fibergla


all doll have vaginal anal oral sex

Dimensional Weight

3.0KG( (Shipments Volumetric Weight) )


collection, mannequin, souvenir, artwork, media propaganda ,sex toy,

Product Name

TPE Soft Mannequin,Sex Doll



Brand Name


Model Number

Sex Dolls Head C

Item Type

Sex Dolls


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